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Andrew Michael Lewis  BSc, PgC, LNCM


Taking photographs is my wonderful escape.  I'm just as happy using the phone in my pocket when I see something I'd like to share as I am purposefully setting up a camera with a specific planned idea in mind. My interest in photography started when my parents gave me a Pentax MX 35mm SLR camera for my 15th birthday.  My brother already had a Praktica SLR, and we both joined the camera club at our school where we learned to use the cameras and all about the development and print process.  We were fortunate enough to eventually have our own darkroom at home and when digital started to come along, I embraced it with both arms. having earned my living in the field of Information Technology. Having albums and books to look back on family holidays, local walks or major adventures fascinates me as much as poring over the most breath-taking and inspiring formal images by others.  I had always promised myself that 'one day' I'd learn to do it properly and so I did.  I was honoured to be awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Photography for my studies on their amazing Professional Diploma in Photography course.


I live in West Lancashire and South Ayrshire.  Now retired from commercial I.T. after several decades, I work for a local authority schools music service.  I'm also a part-time musician and at all times I'm a husband, father and grandfather all of which I'm eternally grateful for.

I still have the Pentax! 

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